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Getting your photos in order


Scanning & Editing


High-End “Coffee Table” Books



Meet with us at our studio to discuss your organizing needs. At the end of the meeting we will create a plan and set up an appointment to meet at your home. Read more about the consultation.


We will meet at your home in a quiet area where we will help sort through your photos and divide them by the category that works best for you. At the end of the sorting process, you will have all of your material, collated, organized and boxed in order with an accompanying inventory sheet.

SwickPix Photo Sorting


SwickPix Photo SortingPrint Scanning in Your Home or at Our Studio
This is one of our services that we offer to our clients to bridge them from sorting to publishing books. We scan on site or at your home to ensure convenience and safety of your photos.

Video Transfers of outdated videos and film. We digitize!           Contact us for an estimate.“You made it so easy!” T. McM.

FREE half-hour consult with Susan to determine your scanning needs

Basic Photo Digitizing

Basic digitizing of loose photographs


  • Sizes up to 8 1/2 x 11″
  • Dust Removal
  • Cropping
  • Noticeable scratches removed on subjects

File Delivery
Dropbox or thumb drive

Projects over 1,000 quantity: $.80/photo
Small projects under 1,000 quantity: $1.50/photo

Intermediate Photo Digitizing

Digitizing anything delicate that needs additional attention for digitizing


  • Books
  • Larger memorabilia
  • Newspaper articles
  • Sports patches
  • Artwork
  • Removal of photos from albums for scanning and photos don’t have to be put back in the albums

Projects over 1,000 quantity: $1.50/photo
Small projects under 1,000 quantity: $2.00/photo

Advanced Digitizing

Photographs that require extra labor


  • Photographs stuck in albums
  • Photos that need to be put back into albums
  • Oversized pieces for scanning and auto stitching
  • Photographs and memorabilia that need to be photographed

One Rate: $3.00/photo


SwickPix Photo SortingHigh-End “Coffee Table” Books

Using our design software, we create a page by page file of your book based on the edited DVD. We have a selection of book choices based on size and design element for you to choose from.

You will have an opportunity to view your custom made book on our projection software or we can share a link for you to view them at your home.

Our books are made for us by a publishing company only available to professional photographers. The estimated completion time for most books is three weeks.

*Choose from any of these options:
1. Professional photos you have purchased
2. Your home grown photos
3. A combination of the above

Photo Book Theme Ideas

SwickPix, Photo Book Publishing, Coffee Table Books, Personal and Professional Photos
*Best Of

Imagine, one stunning book which represents a year in the life of your family.

Book Slideshows:
Carpenter’s 2008
Carpenter’s 2010

SwickPix, Photo Book Publishing, Coffee Table Books, Personal and Professional Photos
*Family History

Create a book that links the generations of your family’s story. You may provide already organized family photos or one of our organizers can help you sort to your final photos and memorabilia. We would then design your book. We love to design with memorabilia such as historical documents, emigration certificates, diplomas, birth and certificates.

SwickPix, Photo Book Publishing, Coffee Table Books, Personal and Professional Photos
Sports Spectacular

Showcase your young athlete’s sports season. Or compile the pictures you’ve taken of the team as a gift to an awesome coach!

Book Slideshows:
Golf with Ben

SwickPix, Photo Book, Publishing, Phototgraphy
*Special Event

Highlight a wedding, anniversary, birthday, family reunion or any event which marks a special moment in your life.

Book Slideshows:
Eloise Birthday Party
Vegas Wedding!

SwickPix, Photo Book, Publishing, Phototgraphy

Document a vacation you loved with family and friends. Also available are slideshows of the finished product.

Book Slideshows:
Pebble Beach
Mary’s Fabulous Trip to Nepal

Disney Vacation

SwickPix, Photo Book, Publishing, Phototgraphy
*Through The Years

We compile a book of all your photos through the years.

Book Slideshows:

SwickPix, Photo Book, Publishing, Phototgraphy
*Baby Club

We put 60 favorites from your baby’s first year and arrange them in a 5×5″ memory book.

Book Slideshows:

SwickPix, Photo Book, Publishing, Phototgraphy
Photo Session

This could be a studio or location session.

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