What is the value of hiring a professional photographer?

The quick answer can be summed up with 4 “E’s”


Expertise – You are hiring a seasoned professional from start to finish. Someone who is well trained and skilled in all areas of camera knowledge, lighting, and composition; to software post-production and retouching applications; to the printing of consistent high-quality custom prints and specialty products. The expertise is backed by a creative vision both behind the camera and in the post-production process to deliver fabulous results!

Equipment – The expertise is supported with the use of high quality professional equipment and resources such as cameras, strobes, lighting, along with image editing, specialty product design and color calibration software.

Experience – With years of experience photographing a variety of situations, group dynamics and ages comes someone with strong interpersonal skills and  prompt, organized, high quality work. Professionalism during the session is provided for: posing, lighting, positioning, understanding and successfully working with single and group dynamics at all age levels and help provide a fun and positive experience for all.

Energy – Professional photographers love what they do and are passionate about their work! You can expect to receive the highest attention to detail and an enthusiasm at every level – physical, creative, emotional and more.