What do Robert Frost and college tuition have in common?  Our mother’s uncle, John Bartlett, was best friends with Robert Frost. They met while John was a student with Frost at Pinkerton Academy. In fact Frost mentions the Bartletts of Raymond in his poem “New Hampshire”.  My mother’s cousin Margaret, daughter of John, compiled his letters with Frost and documented their friendship in this book. What happened behind the scenes did not make the light of day, until we found this letter in our mother’s files.  Frost had given his good friend the first copy of “A Boy’s Life”. The family lost track of the book and then found it in a desk belonging to John’s sister Ada. The family decided that it belonged to Margaret. At the time she was in financial insecurity as she was facing a divorce with 6 children. She sold the book to the University of Virginia and put the money in trust for her children’s education. Got Photos-VHS-Film-Slides? September 30th is “Dump it Day” #letters #RobertFrost #scanning #photoorganizing #appo

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