Let’s follow Eloise® to the Plaza-Photo Story

The birthday girl, Carolyn with Eloise.

This is a sampling from a book design for Carolyn’s 6th Birthday party.  If you are a fan of the Eloise books, then you must know about the Eloise area in the Plaza Hotel, New York City.  With the help of friendly staff and creative activities, it is a wonderful place your birthday party dreams to come true.   The Eloise figures scattered throughout the area with the pink and black French motif, provides a beautiful background for photographing and designing a personal memory book.

Close-up photos of costumes give a colorful background to Carolyn dressing-up for the fashion show. Mirrors add depth to the story.
The food and cake displays repeat the French influence of the Eloise books.
Carolyn’s Grandmother G. G. joined the fun. This book is filled with candid photographs of friends and family who joined Carolyn to celebrate her day.
Carolyn and her mom Robyn with Eloise.
When photographing a party or event for a memory book it helps to capture the theme and decoration elements to use as backgrounds and fillers to enhance the story.