How a Photo Organizer can Help You

I am certified with The Photo Managers and can help you walk through an assessment and plan for organizing your paper photos, albums, slides, film and digital photos. The first step is to help you assess the mess. This includes asking you what you wish your end result to look like. Also, I ask you where everything is stored and what is a priority to you. I also determine if you need tech help to properly back up your computer(s) and also to determine a out of the home back up. I have a starter package for you to accomplish this plan which covers my assessment, advice and visiting you while the computer tech is assessing your computer. I have computer tech references if you need them. My assessment pack is $275 plus CT tax. 100+ per hour. I would be happy to talk with you first to help you determine if this is the route for you. I also coordinate scanning and digitizing with Fairfield County clients through Charter Oak Scanning, a CT based lab. Please contact me: