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Fairfield County, CT
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Newport, Block Island, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, The Hamptons… open to travel!


Family, Children, Babies, High School Seniors, Professional Head shots, Website Photography

Susan Morrow Photography
Susan Morrow Photography
Susan Morrow Photography

It is such a joy to take a classic photo session and turn it into something special for everyone. I love the process of starting with one idea and collaborating with my subjects to arrive at those unexpected, unplanned moments in their session.

Family Portraits

I am so fortunate to photograph families from all over the country and the world. Even when families have moved away they return to have me continue the tradition of photographing their family. I am now capturing a “new generation” of clients. It is my greatest joy to have children that I photographed, grow up and continue their family’s photographic life story with me. In addition to studio portraits, I collaborate with many of my clients to capture beautiful moments at their homes, in local parks and at beaches. I also provide destination photography at vacation spots and homes. A typical session includes my fee and professional printing of my client’s favorite portraits for their walls, tabletop frames and sharing with family. On average my clients invest $1500-$3500 for these services.

The Process

  • We discuss your wishes and book your session.
  • After your session we make an appointment for you to visit me at the studio to see the previews.
  • Before you arrive for your appointment, I prepare your photos for viewing.
  • You meet with me to edit and choose your favorite images and sizes for printing. Be prepared for a 2 hour appointment to allow you time to make your choices.
  • Before I order your prints, I retouch all of your files with my post production details in addition to anything you have requested as well.
  • I place your print order with a professional photo lab. The relationship I have with my lab has been developed to print consistently for my style time and time again.
  • When I receive your prints from the lab, I check all retouching to make sure it is accurate and then contact you to deliver your photographs.
Commercial Photography

Commercial photography applies to corporate head shots, website and product photography. I have individual rates and group discounts for head shots. Website and product photography are quoted.

“Susan, thank you so much for a wonderfully efficient and painless photography experience.  You were such a pleasure to work with, and I appreciated your empathy and patience as a person, your skill as a photographer, and your utter professionalism.  Thank you!  Leslie”

Certified Photo Organizer

My photography and editing expertise has helped my clients to reduce their print and digital photos to usable, viewable quantities. My editing software has freed them to view their digital images for editing and book planning. I love to see the joy when they pick up their book and now have a tangible story of their family.As a certified photo organizer with APPO I am able to help families with scanning their photos, editing their print/digital photos, book design and publishing. I also create slideshows for life celebrations.

The Process

  • We discuss your photo situation and I ask you questions about what you would like to accomplish.
  • We meet at the SwickPix studio for a FREE consult to show you all that I can do for you.
  • You decide which part of the process you wish to do yourself and how I can help you.

Most Common Requests

  • I organize all of your personal photos and make “Best of”, anniversary, graduation, party books. This requires a weekly standing appointment, which if accomplished 80% of the time will yield the results you want.
  • There is a special occasion, vacation, birthday and you want an extra special book.
  • I mix my pro photos with your personal photos for special books. For this type of project clients tend to spread their projects out for 2 to 3 books a year. It is a process that they are fitting into their budget.
  • Scanning only.
Photography Teacher

I teach Basic Photography to classes and individuals. This curriculum covers camera parts, shutter, aperture and in-camera meters. If students wish to continue there are many topics to cover with our Beyond the Basics curriculum. I also teach a simple Photoshop class to individuals who want to take control of post production of their photos.

  • "Susan! Thank you so much for capturing such a beautiful moment in time for our families! These photos could not be more special and I simply adore them. Thank you so so much! We will be back to you soon."

  • "Thank you so much for making what could have been an uncomfortable exercise for someone used to being behind the camera so much fun.”

    A. Sparks
  • "Hi Susan, we were so excited to see the great pictures you took. We wanted to thank you in advance for your time and compliment you on your photography. You are amazing! Thanks again."

  • “I know I speak for the whole family when I say how much we loved the results of your Saturdayshoot…it is so gratifying to see my lovely three generational family’s faces all together and smiling happily in that beautiful garden. I had to laugh today when Brittany announced at lunch that she wanted to have one of her rooms wallpapered in all the photos!! Now that surely would be a first!! We will take our time talking and thinking and sharing ideas as to what we want and get back to you….but WOW, great job!!!”

    David H.

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