“My goal is to help you have a working knowledge of your camera”

Susan offers two levels of classes; Basic Photography and Beyond Basic Photography, to usher you through the process of learning about your camera, so that you can control the outcome of your photos!

DSLR Photography

One-on-One Basic Camera Lessons

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Please bring your camera and manual, charged batteries, memory card. It is best to have a digital SLR to maximize learning.

Four sessions
Teacher: Susan Morrow

  • Week One

    The Camera
    Parts & Functions: What makes this thing tick?

    Bring with you: Camera, manual, media card, charged battery, samples of your favorite photos

  • Week Two

    The Shutter
    Controlling motion and light

  • Week Three

    The Aperture
    Controlling depth of field and light

  • Week Four

    How the shutter and aperture work together

    When to use Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority

One-on-One Single Topic Classes


Teacher: Susan Morrow
Group rates are available

What a histogram is and how to use it

Manual Mode
Using manual mode with confidence

Beyond Photo Streaming
Transfering image files from DSLR to iPhone/iPad

iPhone® Camera Photography

One-on-One iPhone Camera Tutoring


Teacher: Susan Morrow
Group rates are available

Basic: In-house iPhone camera, memory and basic information on usage.

Small Business iPhone camera Social Media workflow. Leave class with a simple plan and workflow to increase your presence on social media.

Wake up the artist in you! In-depth learning of iPhone camera apps.

Small Group Instruction for iPhone and DSLR Lessons!

Group rates are available

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