Are you storing your precious photos and videos on DVDs, USBs, External Hard Drives?

CDs, DVDs, USB drives, External Hard drives should not be relied on to store your precious videos and photographs.

DID YOU KNOW?  Most CDs and DVDs are proving they are not archival. GOLD DVDs are now the archival standard. We are already seeing corrupt CDs and DVDs from the 2000s. And as you know computers no longer have DVD readers. Professional Photo Organizers now recommend REDUNDANT BACK-UPs for your digital photos and videos. Your computer hard drive, another off-site hard drive and cloud. At SwickPix we can offer many options for your personal photo and video needs.

One of our services is transferring all types of obsolete film, video, CD and DVDs to digital format. Our clients are now enjoying years of family movies that sat in closets for years as technology ran its course. From a recent client email after receiving their videos: “It’s beyond amazing!! Thank you, thank you! We can’t wait to see more!”